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Here we will tell you more about how we step by step create your company’s website with no one-off costs.

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1. Register a Domain Name

As soon as you place your order, we will register your new domain name. It is your digital brand and the address of your website and email.

2. Introduction

We will contact you to explain the process. Here we have the chance to get to know your business better and answer your questions.




3. Planning & Design

Now it is time to decide the design for your website. Together we go through the purpose and the desired layout.

4. Submitting the content

In order for us to create your website, we need your help in developing content. Texts and images that you want to use are sent over to us.




5. Production

Our web programmers create your website. Depending on the extent of the project, this part usually takes somewhere between 3-4 weeks.

6. Feedback

The final result is presented. You will of course be able to correct if there is something that needs to be changed.




7. Launch

Now your page is done and ready to be presented to your customers.


What our customers say:


“I was happy for the help I received to get started and in gathering the information for my website, the service is great value for money. I like the fact that my website reflected and looked like my business card with the same font as the logo, it’s professional and uncluttered. I’m very pleased with the final result.”

Laurentsio Pettersson

“As a new business owner one of the challenges I faced was building a website and choosing an IT service provider. I am incredibly lucky I chose Internetse, their helpful and versatile approach supported me enormously. Distributing time is a challenge that you quickly realise when starting a new business venture, and having Internetse work around me has helped beyond measure. In truth, looking back I would of struggled if I didn’t have them because I needed a flexible company that is happy to go above and beyond what was initially agreed. I think my websites amazing and I’m very proud of it. It ticked all my boxes and then some. Internetse seasoned experience has really helped. A phenomenal service and great value for money.”

Simon Parker
Currency Broker

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